Reader Friday: Entertainment Value

Dean-Koontz“In a world that encompasses so much pain and fear and cruelty, it is noble to provide a few hours of escape, moments of delight and forgetfulness.” – Dean Koontz, How to Write Best-Selling Fiction (Writer’s Digest Books, 1981)


10 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Entertainment Value

  1. Koontz who? LOL, just kidding. Reading, is definitely an escape and delight, not sure about forgetfulness.

  2. When I first called this up, I thought that was George Stephanopoulos. You gave me a bad scare there, Jim.

  3. I read on Dean’s website that he was planning to do another Craft book within the next 5 years.

  4. On the other hand, as a thriller writer I tend to write about ‘pain, and fear, and cruelty’…so what does that say about my readers?

  5. My books are about men and women overcoming great odds to restore or maintain their personal honor, and maybe save some lives along the way. We could use more honor these days.

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