Reader Friday: Happy 7th, TKZ!


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The month of August marks the seventh year since the launch of the Kill Zone blog, so we’re pausing to celebrate. We’d like to thank you, our readers, for helping us grow and thrive as a community over the years. Your comments and participation add tremendous value to the daily discussions here. We take pride in the fact that TKZ has been named by Writer’s Digest three years running to its list of “100 Best Websites for Writers.”  We’d also like to give a shoutout to our Emeritus bloggers, the folks who helped us find our identity and develop as a writer’s community over the years: John Ramsey Miller; John Gilstrap; Kathleen Pickering; Michelle Gagnon; Boyd Morrison; and Jodie Renner. Huge thanks, also, to our current crew of excellent writers: Joe Moore; PJ Parrish/Kris Montee; Elaine Viets; James Scott Bell; Clare Langley-Hawthorne; Larry Brooks; Nancy Cohen; Jordan Dane; Joe Hartlaub; and Mark Alpert.

Happy 7th Anniversary, TKZ!

— Kathryn Lilley



15 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Happy 7th, TKZ!

  1. To all you wonderful people at TKZ,


    You have been a constant source of education, advice, and encouragement in this journey of learning the writer’s craft.

    Thanks to all of you. And I hope there are many more!

  2. Happy anniversary, TKZ. I’m honored to be part of this distinguished group and I’ve learned so much from your posts. I’m halfway through my May 2016 mystery, and your posts help me improve my writing — I hope.

  3. A big thank you to all TKZ bloggers for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge with us. This blog is consistently packed with useful information covering a broad range of interesting topics. Never dull, always helpful. Your posts are the ones I most often forward to writer friends.

    Thanks and congratulations!

  4. Congrats! This is one of my favorite writing resources and one of my favorite places to hang, procrastinate, recharge, and then charge forward again. Thank-you all! 😀

  5. Thanks for all your consistent and quality posts, and patience with comments like mine~!


    One of two or three blogs I check daily, and I almost always have something I can carry out into the day~ either for my WIP, my day job, or a new author to check out.

    Many happy returns of the day.


  6. Happy anniversary, TKZ! What a great source of information and inspiration! Thank you all for the time you spend in making this blog so valuable.

  7. Happy Anniversary, TKZ! Thank you all for the helpful posts and feedback. I follow a few blogs, but this is my favorite go-to blog of the day. Best wishes for many more wonderful years!

  8. Happy Birthday to TKZ. I have rarely missed reading a posting since I began describing in the Spring of 2013. I love to read and have been progressing modestly with my own W.I.P. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experience. Your suggestions and links to writers’ resources are practical and will, I think, illuminate a more direct path to completing a compelling, first novel. It’s just up to me to follow that path.

    Best Regards,

  9. Thank you all so much for being part of our family here. Seven years ago, I dreamed up the notion of forming a group blog of writers and readers, and sent invitations out to some writers I knew by reputation, but had not yet met (Joe Moore and Clare were part of our original crew). I take great pride in how we’ve grown and evolved over the years, thanks to everyone’s efforts. Special, huge thanks to Joe M. for his tireless work in the “engine room,” which keeps us chugging along. Here’s to the next 7 years! ?

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