13 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Awards, or “Do They Really Like Me?”

  1. Hm, good question, Jim. I don’t see a lot of movies in theaters anymore, so can’t say I’ve seen the nominees. But from the buzz I think you’ve got to favor Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln.

  2. I think it’s celebrity-driven fluff that has never interested me. If they are rewarded for telling me a good story, good on them. But I’m not going to watch the glam and glitz and ridiculous pageantry that goes along with giving them that award, because I think it feeds the ego that has so many in Hollywood thinking they’re more important than they really are just because they can pretend well.

    • I used to watch the Bob Hope emceed show with my folks. As I recall, it was short on the glam and moved quickly, and the acceptances (before the Brando fiasco) short and respectful.

  3. I find them insipid, but what I love is the Oscar party that my wife throws every year. It’s a great excuse to get together with friends while the show plays somewhere in the background.

  4. I must be one of the few Los Angelenos who doesn’t watch much of the Oscars. I do love going with my friends who get in free to the nominated films during the run-up, though.

  5. Haven’t seen much this past year, but I did see Denzel Washington in FLIGHT. Regardless of awards I think everyone should see it. Not easy to watch.

  6. Whenever the award shows roll around I think to myself, “I’m glad I never followed that whim to work my way up the stand-up comedy chain to serious Hollywood in that vain attempt to vanity.”

    On the off chance that I am stuck in a room where the award shows are playing and am forced to watch I usually get a weird nauseous feeling when many of the awardees make long speeches to their own glory.

    I remember years ago famous Christian singer Rich Mullins had been invited to a music awards show (Dove/GMA/Grammy? can’t remember which) and when his name was called no one could find him. They eventually did find him though. He was in the kitchen, helping the short handed staff with the dishes and other stuff. That, I though, was pretty cool.

  7. I like the red carpet pre-show where I can see what’s everyone is wearing and the stars are a bit more candid during interviews. Then I like the opening sequences of the award shows themselves. After that…yawn!

  8. I’ve never had a chance to actually see any of the movies before the awards shows so they’re always pretty meaningless to me, but sometimes I’ll watch an award-winning film after the fact, love it and think, “Hmmm . . . I’m glad that won an award.” LOL

  9. I love going to the movies, and I’ve gone to more than usual, for me, this year. I think Lincoln will take Best Picture, Daniel Day-Lewis Best Actor, and very possibly Jennifer Lawrence Best Actress. Spielberg will take Best Director, and Sally Field Best Supporting Actress.

    I like award shows when they’re adeptly hosted and well-produced. The Oscars have lacked both the last couple years.

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