15 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Doomsday Edition

  1. I’ve got a movie marathon lined up. Plan to start with Armageddon, then 2012, Day After Tomorrow, Melancholia, Another Earth, and finish up with Deep Impact. That is unless time runs out.

  2. I HAD planned to write a satire about gullible Americans falling for yet another doomsday prediction, but the mainstream press beat me to it.

  3. Friends in Australia initially reported massive meteor showers and an attack from none other than Godzilla.

    As it turns out though, the supposed meteor shower was actually a storm of chow mein noodles. Apparently Godzilla had attacked Indonesia earlier that night and over eaten at one of the Chinese neighborhoods and gotten a bad case of Indonesiangestion. He was quite sick and at one point, after trying to wash it down with with an entire vat of coconut arrack liquor which only worsened the whole thing, hurt so bad he ran south in a rage and spewed over Brisbane. The acid in his stomach generated uncommonly powerful brimstone breath, which caught the gooey noodles on fire and as it flew from his open mouth lent the appearance of a massive meteor shower.

    Worse than the mass destruction is the stink, says my friend. The smell of dino-vomit hanging in the air inspired a young Japanese boy to call for help from his own Giant Monster friends to initiate the clean up. Mothra and Gamera have both been sighted on the way to Brisbane, licking their lips in anticipation of the clean up.

    Clare, it looks like you got out just in time.

  4. Gee . . . I had to go to a seminar. I mean, it was a good one, but still . . . (and then I had lunch with one of my Facebook/Absolute Write friends who lives 25 miles away, but we had never met.)

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