There’s Nothing like the First Time: Getting Published

My critique group hit a double this week. Two members of the writing group announced that their short stories have been accepted for publication in an anthology. 

You could feel the pride in their emailed announcements. Both of these writers had been struggling over the months and years to refine their writing; they honed their craft, bringing in pages week after week with revisions. Finally they got the payoff: officially dropping the “pre” from “pre-published.”

The rest of us in the critique group are thrilled for them. That’s the way it is with writers. The rise of one doesn’t diminish the others–we simply spread the joy. 

So readers, let’s hear about your recent triumphs and struggles. Where are you in your own writing journey? And if you have any announcements, we hope to hear it here first!

9 thoughts on “There’s Nothing like the First Time: Getting Published

  1. Congratulations to both! That’s one thing I’m very very happy about. As writers, we celebrate each other’s successes. Or at least to date, I’ve never run across a writer who was sour apples over a fellow writer’s success.

    I mean yeah, sure, all of us have looked at a best-selling author’s book and said “He/she made their fortune on that?” Envy can always creep in.

    But writers are usually good about supporting each other. I personally am excited to be rooting for a fellow writer to win her fiction category in the Genesis contest at the ACFW conference next week. It’s nice to have people to root for.

  2. Congratulations to the folks in your writers’ group, Kathryn. It’s nice to hear positive stories about writers supporting each other, particularly in light of recent allegations that some authors were posting anonymous reviews slamming other authors. We should all want everyone to do well and be successful. It inspires each of us to do better.

  3. I found the best critique group ever through RWA this year – and they’ve been the single most important thing in my writing.

    It’s wonderful to study craft together in a supportive atmosphere with others who get it.

    I got a nibble from an editor on my first novel Careful because of the edits drawn directly from that group – so exciting!

    Ultimately I decided to re-load the revised edition on Amazon, and keep this book to myself – it’s available now for $0.99.

    Armored with what I’ve learned from my group, who knows where I’ll go from here.

  4. I had a short story published in an anthology earlier this year. It was my very first and a huge learning experience! I’ve got a few more short stories I’m working on, as well as a novel I’m finishing up. Everything’s training for the next thing, right?

  5. Kessie, congratulations on your short story! And you’re absolutely right–on to the next thing! That’s how careers are made. Paula, keep us posted on your progress, and cheers for that nibble!

  6. Joe, that whole thing about authors attacking other authors was utterly incomprehensible to me. Every writer I’ve met has been unfailingly supportive and gracious. BK, good on you for rooting for your friend. Let us know how she does!

  7. I love hearing good news, especially for new authors. I sold after a bestselling author in my local writers’ group read my full manuscript & got the book to her editor & agent. There are many generous people in this industry. Nice post, Kathryn. Congratulations to your group!

  8. OMG! Anthology creds mean I get to drop the ‘Un-‘ from in front of my ‘published’?

    ::kermit flail::

    Two this year. Even felt like I could set up an Amazon page without laughing.

    Great post, I love to hear about success.


    PS: I normally don’t post links to the humor blog I am part of, but we are shutting down this month and my farewell post is about an awesome happening at a writers’ conference. Y’all might get a kick out of it.

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