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Now that the holidays are already behind us, let me begin by offering each and every one of us a Merry New Year filled with excitement and possibilities!

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I know the Mayans promised us the end of the world, but I’d like to offer another possibility. How about the end of the world as we know it? Like, no more heart-ache and wars and economic strife. No more anxiety over careers and passions and hopes and dreams. I’d like to submit that the Armageddon we can all personally claim will be the death of all things negative in our lives.

I know the planet is still going to spin, the sun will continue to shine, my granddaughter will surely be born in May and I will have to make good on the pending three book contract I have coming down the pike from Harlequin.

There will be no end of the world for me only a different way to approach my world view.

Like New Year’s resolutions, I think it would be awesome and easy to allow these four simple views to become our new reality:

1. There is enough of everything for everybody. Sharing my wealth, talent and time can do nothing but improve me. There is no need to compete with anyone for my space in the world. Abundance is universal. Not only in my career, but in reaching out to everyone in need.

2. This planet earth which so graciously nurtures us is in as much need of our care as we are in need of hers. Greeting her each day with the affection we show to our loved ones can do nothing but keep her healthy and strong to sustain us.


3. We already have the technology to live “Green” lives. Why don’t each and every one of us take the baby steps to becoming environmentally correct adults? Think of what living cleanly will do to our subconscious self-worth!

4. Each of us was born uniquely, yet our differences do NOT set us apart. Our uniqueness enhances our human experience. We need each other to appreciate life. Who I am is my gift to you and vice-versa. We should honor each other because when you look closely into my eyes, you will see yourself.

5. We are out of time for procrastination. This is 2012. The end of the world as we know it, so they say. I’m going to take that as fact: the end of the world as I know it. There is nothing but this moment, right now. What you and I do with each minute, hour, day will depend on how we shape the world. Me? I’m digging deep within to bring out the golden nuggets I was born to share with you.

So, I have to end here. My new WIP awaits. Today I’m celebrating the release of my first Harlequin novel, WHERE IT BEGAN.


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It’s a love story about a girl with a past she can’t remember. The mystery is . . . when she does remember, will her new world be seen with love?

I invite us all to view the world with love. Even mystery writers do that. They battle the bad and the bleak to bring about the good. Let’s let the old world die and make 2012 the year humanity remembers for the best.

So, care to share? If you could make one change for the better in your career, or life . . . what would it be? 

20 thoughts on “2012 WITH NO END IN SIGHT

  1. Congrats on your new release! I hope 2012 brings you good health and prosperity. Your resolutions are wonderful and should apply to us all. I would only add that each moment is precious. Make the best of it.

  2. That was really cool…and if each of us take those points to heart, what a wonderful world we would be living in…Stop the greediness, discontent, hatefulness…Congrats on your new book, you are such an awesome person!!!!

  3. I had a minor scare toward the end of last year that ultimately amounted to nothing at all but caused me to be a bit more reflective. I had previously made it a practice to do perform at least one kindness for a stranger each day. Now, I am aim for two.

  4. Joe H–and like a ripple effect your two kindnesses will reach all corners of the world. YAY!!

    (Glad your scare was just that and nothing more. We all benefit from a wake up call to good living, now and again.)

  5. I’m so excited about your new release, and no how much you deserve this, and all things good. I love your outlook, and I too, appreciate this beautiful world we live in, and hope our children and children’s children will also have the chance to see what an amazing planet we have. I fear the worst but remain hopeful for the best.

  6. I’m so excited about your new release and know that you deserve this success and so much more. Like you, I love this beautiful world we’re living in, and hope that our children and children’s children will grow up and see what an amazing planet we have! I fear the worst, but have high hopes for the best.

  7. Release time, always exciting. Great way to kick off 2012, Kathleen. And the Mayans can eat my shorts (I prefer this to being hunted down and having my beating heart ripped out of me).

  8. Congrat’s on the new grandbaby and the 3 book contract with Harlequin! I wholeheartedly agree that 2012 is a time to leave negativity behind and for each of us to shine the light of positivity in the world!

  9. Congrats on the release! And lovely thought for the New Year. Here in San Francisco, there’s a citywide mandatory composting program. Its’ remarkable how little goes into the trash bin after composting and recycling. If only everyone did this, our landfill issue would be much more manageable.

  10. Michelle–I so agree with you. Just a little tweak here and there in our daily routines could literally make a world of difference.

    Thank you and everyone else for the thoughtful comments.

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