Procrastination Day

James Scott Bell

It is my pleasure to introduce a new feature on TKZ, Procrastination Day. A time to get away from that novel you’re writing, or that task around the house you’ve meaning to finish, and get down to some serious wasting of time.

Forget Spider Solitaire. Put away Endless Zombie Rampage. Let’s use our literary lights instead.

Let’s play the Less Interesting Books Game.

I found out about this one on Thursday, via Twitter. I was checking in and saw the hashtag #lessinterestingbooks. And it was exploding. I started in and couldn’t stop. For an hour I was chugging out less interesting book titles along with what seemed like a million other procrastinators.

Here’s how to play: You take a well known book title and tweak it a bit so it comes out as “less interesting” than the original. Here is a sampling of what I came up with in the heat of the moment:

Paradise Misplaced

The Puce Letter

The Naked and the Bruised

As You Consider It

The Seven Pillows of Wisdom

Kon Tiki Barber

Mein Kramp

Get the idea? 

Now it’s your turn. The only rule is: One title per comment. If you want to leave another title, leave another comment. 

So what books sound a little less interesting to you?

143 thoughts on “Procrastination Day

  1. Hello and thanks to Rebecca for linking to my blogpost about how I accidentally started the game πŸ˜‰

    The one that started it all was Lord of the Files.

    My favourite is Love in the Time of Man-Flu

  2. Thanks, Rebecca. And Nicole, proud to have you here. Thanks for giving us what Paul Harvey used to call “the rest of the story.” And aren’t you the author of:

    Blame My Pancreas

  3. James – ha! I am indeed the author of Blame My Pancreas (aka Brain)!AnoN weber, I didn’t write War and Peas. or Cold Comfort Allotment.

    Great blog, btw. I must come here more often.

  4. The Spy Who Came In From the Outdoors Because He Was Not Properly Dressed For The Weather Which Was Relatively Cold Compared To What He Was More Accustomed To

  5. Jim, whaddya mean we’re “procrastinating”? We’re working hard at writing.

    BTW, how about Don’t Try Dying?

    Or The Friends Of Eddie Cantor.

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