Blood Remains: A ghost story

This week the Killers are blogging about The Kill Zone’s new e-collection of original short stories, Fresh Kills (available on Kindle, Smashwords, and Scribd). I’m excited and honored to have my short story, ‘Blood Remains,’ included in the anthology. At its heart, ‘Blood Remains’ is a ghost story. I was inspired to write it after reading a newspaper headline (it would be a spoiler if I told you what the headline was). When I read the article I started to wonder, “What if?” As in, what if this happened, and then that?  That thought process energized my creative “boys in the basement” (Jim discussed this creative process in his Sunday post). The end result was a paranormal story: A victim of childhood abuse returns home after many years  only to discover that while memories fade, blood remains. 

The story breaks ground for me in a couple of ways: It’s my first published short story; it’s also a new genre for my writing. A bit of background: I had been developing “Blood Remains” as a novel until Jim suggested that we publish an e-collection of short stories. I narrowed the focus down to what would have been the end of the novel, and reshaped it as a short story.

About making the e-jump

Plunging into the e-book world can be as intimidating for authors as it is for readers (And for publishers, too: Here’s a recent update on the Amazon vs. Macmillan spat). I received a Kindle DX from Santa for Christmas, and I felt very tentative as I downloaded my first few books. I  soon discovered to my delight that some classic books are available on Kindle for free. Then I learned how to enlarge the text so I don’t need reading glasses. Now I’m an e-book convert, carrying my Kindle around with me everywhere. A Kindle application for PCs is available for free, by the way (Click here). Of course, Apple has now debuted the iPad, so the e-book war is officially on. It’s going to be like Rome versus the Barbarians. (Although I’m not sure which side is Rome, and which the Barbarians). It’ll be interesting to see what the e-book landscape is like a few years from now.

Have you made the e-book plunge? How’s the water?

10 thoughts on “Blood Remains: A ghost story

  1. Now that I’ve downloaded our book I’m looking forward to reading your story! I guess we’ll have to find out how our e-book plunge goes:)

  2. I was reading an old copy of ‘Bag of Bones’ by Stephen King, but then downloaded a copy onto the Kindle, Clare, because I can make the print so much bigger. I’m really becoming a convert!

  3. I’m still waiting for the prices to come down! But I will end up with one some day. I want one of those more than I want or need a cell phone! (Yes, you read that correctly, I do not have a cell phone.)

  4. Haven’t made the plunge yet, but I see it in my future (inevitable). Just hanging poolside right now, soaking up information from those already swimming in the e-book mix. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. No cell phone–that’s radical!Mark, you’re probably wise to wait on the sidelines as things shake out. I just got a Kindle, and already I’m wondering if I made a mistake by not getting the iPad instead.

  6. Well, a combination of my little Asus Netbook Computer and the free Kindle software seem like a win/win. The netbook’s screen is 10 inches, battery life 8 hrs, wifi, just a couple of pounds and it runs MS Office just fine. All that for just slightly more than a Kindle. Now I know the screen isn’t as reader friendly, but not a bad compromise.

  7. I think maybe the jury’s still out on the benefit of the e-ink screen, Wilfred. I’ve read that studies haven’t found that it’s any easier on the eyes than a regular screen. And I miss being able to read in a darkened room. We’ll see!

  8. I’m waiting by the pool too. Specifally at the bar, serving drinks to patrons and hoping one of them will get hammered and forget their Kindle when they leave.

    It is four shots of vodka in a screwdriver right?

    I can almost feel that Kindle in my hands…heh, heh….

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