It’s got that new season smell

by Joe Moore

It’s premiere season on TV and I’m excited. There’s a couple of returning shows that I really got into last year, and a few new ones that sound quite enticing. xfilesFirst, let me say that my tastes run toward drama. But not just any drama. I like stuff that’s outside the box. As an example, I was one of the original X-Files fans. I remember that Friday night in September 1993 when the show first appeared. I loved everything about it from the creepy music to the mysterious logo to the amazing anti-relationship between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Their characters were strong from the start and stayed true to the end. I was also a big fan of Millennium, another of X-Files producer Chris Carter’s shows. Not as famous and successful as X-Files, but just as captivating.

So what do I look forward to this year? Fringe. It’s X-Files all over again, only in HD. Last week was the first show of the new season, and it had plenty of surprises and twists. There’s also a new show called Flash Forward. Here’s the premise: Suddenly, the entire world stands still for 2 minutes, 17 seconds. Chaos ensues. Cars crash, medical procedures are brought to a halt, and millions of other events are disrupted. A couple of FBI agents are assigned to investigate what happened and why. Advance reviews say the concept is fascinating and the story addictive.

Then there’s the return of Doll House on Friday nights. This one pulled me in last season and I’m looking forward to see if it can sustain imagemy interest a second time around. It involves a girl code-named “Echo” who is a member of an illegal underground group who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas. They not only perform unusual and controversial roles, but they literally become whoever their clients want them to be. It’s hard to look away.

And when I do need a laugh or two, the Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men are hard to beat.

So how about you? Are there any shows you’re looking forward to? How about ones you intend to avoid? Is this the year you break the ties to 24 or American Idol?

26 thoughts on “It’s got that new season smell

  1. I never got into 24. I laugh at Big Bang and 2 1/2 Men and Office. Hate 30 Rock. Maybe its Baldwin. I like Cops, Sons Of Anarchy, any Law & Order, Major Crimes, Sopranos reruns, Dexter, Weeds.

    Guilty Pleasures: Hell’s Kitchen, Housewives of Atlanta, and Judge Judy.

  2. Good list, John. I love COPS, too. Watching it makes you thankful for what you’ve got. I don’t have Showtime so I wait until the summer and buy the entire season of DEXTER on DVD. Then my wife and I have a DEXTER marathon with two episodes a night, savoring every moment. Hat’s off to Jeff Lindsay for giving us Dexter Morgan, in my opinion one of the best characters to come along since Hannibal Lector.

  3. In my opinion, you can’t top The Closer for good writing. Just tense enough to let me enjoy and still sleep at night. And, of course, The Big Bang theory is an absolute hoot.

  4. Television is a medium, because anything well done is rare.

    I do wish I’d said that, but it was Fred Allen. Anyway, I don’t find time to watch much TV, not with my TBR stack the height that it is. I have watched every Mad Men, though. Fascinating from a story level. No one to like the first two seasons (except maybe Joan) and the ratings reflected that. This season Don’s skirt chasing is in check, the Drapers have a new baby, more family stuff, and there seems to be an uptick. Good lesson there about what to do, and not do, with a Lead character.

    I do love Psych. Cracks me up every time.

  5. I love The Mentalist. I wish CBS hadn’t changed the day and time, though.

    The only new show I’m looking forward to is Three Rivers, about a major transplant hospital in Pittsburgh.

  6. I forgot to say that I like Judge Judy because she reminds me of my favorite teacher from elementary school and my mother a bit. Doesn’t matter what you say, she already has her opinion and damn if you’ll ever change her mind with anything but facts her instincts can’t push aside. Damnit, she smells the truth.

  7. Okay, we’re being honest, right? The shows I go out of my way to see include:
    So You Think You Can Dance
    Project Runway
    Two & A Half Men
    Big Bang Theory
    Castle (a true guilty pleasure)
    The Office
    CBS Sunday Morning
    Curb Your Enthusiasm (this year, for the Seinfeld reunion plotline)

    John Gilstrap

  8. John, I’m so glad you mentioned Project Runway–it’s my guilty pleasure! I can’t sew a stitch but I am really pulled in by the challenges and runway presentations. I never got into 24, but I love Criminal Minds. Most of the other shows I’ve simply miss for the most part–I’m more of a news junkie than a TV-show junkie.

  9. I lost my faith in Network TV when they cancelled Journeyman a couple years ago…I was addicted and they pulled my drug away without even a methadone exchange.

    Fringe and Flash Forward sound interesting though, maybe I will try them out.

    Otherwise I’m a Science, Military, TLC & Discovery Channel guy with the exception of MTV’s Best Dance Crew, although this years dancers have not been too impressive.

  10. I’m excited about Flash Forward but couldn’t get into Fringe. I’m not a sitcom kind of gal but I’m also going to give Modern Family a try as the preview I saw was funny. I tried to watch NCIS LA last night but it was the same old same old (despite Chris O’Donnell’s nice blue eyes). I tivo’d The Good Wife – which could be good. I also tried Vampire Diaries but it seemed to much of a Twilight wannabe. Although I love Joss Whedon the Dollhouse didn’t really grab me but maybe I’ll try to get into it again. My guilty pleasure is probably going to be Stargate Universe (as I’m such a nerd). I also loved the recent series called Being Human on BBC America and am hoping for some more Doctor Who and Torchwood just to satisfy my childhood love of crappy English sci-fi:)

  11. Lots of great comments and show suggestions. Thanks, everyone.

    Richard, I haven’t seen CLOSER, but I’ll give it a shot.

    Mark, I rely on SyFy, too, for good shows that missed the cut.

    Jim, you always have a pearl of wisdom to share. Thanks.

    Joyce, I’m a MENTALIST fan, too. Forgot to mention it in my post. And I also don’t like the time slot change.

    John M., somehow I would have guessed you’d like Judge Judy. A no-nonsense lady.

    Kathryn, I agree, having a DVR is a necessity in life. Mine comes from Dish Network and lets me record 2 HD programs simultaneously. Life is good.

    John G. Now that I’ve seen your viewing list, things are all starting to make sense. 🙂

    Basil, I’m looking forward to FLASH FORWARD. It’s either going to be really cool or a confusing mess. Let’s hope for the former.
    Martha, thanks.

    Clare, I didn’t even try to watch NCIS LA. Somehow, I think that market is saturated. Although I do like LL Cool J.

  12. Hi Joe-

    I was a huge X Files & Millenium fan as well (although X got too muddy for me by the time Duchovny left the show) I found Fringe to be a little disappointing last season, but maybe I’ll give it another shot. Haven’t seen Dollhouse, but I loved Firefly and Buffy, so I’ll set my Tio for that, too.
    Luckily the shows I’m hooked on seem to run in rotation, so I always have something going on my tivo:
    The Closer is great, I second that recommendation
    So You Think You Can Dance (20 years of dance training, so I’m a sucker for this show)
    The Office and Entourage (I’m with you, John!)
    30 Rock
    True Blood & The Tudors (both shows are trashy, but fun)
    Burn Notice
    Nurse Jackie
    The Daily Show
    I still watch all the L&Os, although they’re slowly losing me…

  13. I’m with Michelle on True Blood and Tudors (although both have just finished up their new seasons and won’t return until 2010.)

    And I can’t believe no one likes NCIS?!? Both my husband and myself are simply addicted to this show and now they’ve got a new one: NCIS: Los Angeles! I’m in NCIS heaven!

    I also love Fringe, got addicted to it from the beginning. God love the inventor of the DVR!

    And let’s not forget Sanctuary. I’ve not heard when it’s new season will be starting (if it even will) but I was glued to it last season and am dying for more!

    And, alas, they are several sitcoms I can do without: Psych is one (totally insane), 2 1/2 Men (sorry John) and last but not least…DEXTER! I hate this show…

    *cringes and waits for the boots to start flying*

    Anywho, you guys have pointed out some interesting shows I was oblivious to, I’ll be a checking them out!

  14. Thanks for coming by, Dawn. We never give the boot to our visitors here at TKZ although Miller has been known to let his hounds loose on anyone that riles him.

  15. Glee and Shark Tank are my new favorite shows. Because I want a new comedy and a new reality/game show. The characters in these are very interesting. I’ve become reluctant to take on new ones because they can become so addictive and time consuming.
    Last season I gave up Lost, and was glad I did. I’m going to try Flash Forward, because the promos have made me curious.

  16. Joe,

    “although Miller has been known to let his hounds loose on anyone that riles him.”

    Clearly you need to see Miller’s “hounds.” The biggest danger they pose is getting tangled around your feet and making you fall.

    Me, I’d worry more about the arsenal. . .

    John Gilstrap

  17. Julie, thanks for dropping by TKZ and also for your continuous work as a contributing editor to the Big Thrill. I think we’re getting a sizable audience together for FLASH FORWARD. I hope it lives up to the hype.

    John, so Miller’s hounds are really houndettes?

  18. Thanks Joe, I’m glad to see no boots, but the hounds do give me pause…

    John…what arsenal would that be?

    Miller…don’t worry, the smallest ones are the ones you have to keep an eye on!

  19. Oh Mr. Miller! A man after my own heart! My hubby is a great collector of things that go bang and so am I. Having been raised in the boondocks, I grew up with a gun of some sort in my hands and loved the power it gave me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t no crazy who sits in the clock towers, but I do like to hunt and shoot. Kinda odd for a girl, I know.

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