Witches, Zombies, Vampires, and Everything Nice…

So we’re coming up on my favorite holiday of the year: Festivus!

Oops, meant to say Halloween. And to celebrate the occasion, I’m offering a few novel ways (no pun intended) to pass the time until All Saint’s Day:

  • Sacrifice a goat. Or, read a book, depending on the availability of goats in your area. I recently hosted a witchcraft panel at a Book Group Expo, and consequently have three Halloween-appropriate recommendations. The Witch’s Trinity by Erika Mailman just came out in paperback, and it’s a terrifying tale of witch hunts in old Europe. The Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent portrays the Salem Trials through the eyes of a young girl whose mother stands accused. And The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry (don’t you just love that name?) is set in a more modern day Salem, focusing on two missing women. All were amazing reads, and perfect to get yourself in top Trick-or-Treating form.

  • Burn a Wicker Man. Or, rent Shaun of the Dead, IMHO the best zombie flick of all time. Because it not only stays relatively true to the genre, it’s funny and presents a nice depiction of how many people are already zombies, they just haven’t realized it yet. Genius. And who doesn’t love a film where the heroes take refuge in a pub as their last resort?
  • Bob for Apples. Or, if this always seemed strikingly unsanitary to you (it certainly does to me, that bobbing pit is like a cold, nasty, water-filled petri dish teeming with disease) Rent Season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Because it truly doesn’t get any better than Buffy. True Blood is okay, but let’s be honest: Buffy is still the gold standard. I never get tired of watching a young Sarah Michelle Gellar kick vampire butt. And the first season, when she’s still getting her sea legs, is classic.

And what will I be doing, you might ask? Well, here in the Gagnon household it’s eyeball pizza and grog night, where I simultaneously man the door against greedy little beggars who try to seize handfuls of candy while also valiantly guarding the well-being of my carved gourds. Wish me luck. And Happy Halloween!!!!


7 thoughts on “Witches, Zombies, Vampires, and Everything Nice…

  1. LOVE Shaun of the Dead. Simon Peg is just funny, end of story. And who would’ve thought you’d be a Buffy fan. I always preferred Eliza Dushku’s character (can’t remember her name offhand) because she actually looked the ass-kicking part. SMG just looks too petit to be that powerful.

    Love the gourd, btw. Reminds me of the one in “The Long Halloween.”

  2. I loved Eliza Dushku on the show! And her character was named Faith. I always thought that would have made for a great spin-off. Apparently they offered her one but she turned it down.

  3. Ah yes. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I loved that show, although the later seasons were….um…not as good shall we say.

    And save a slice of the eyeball pizza for me, will ya? I can use it to tempt my sacrificial goat.

  4. By the way, Happy Festivus to you too. We’ll be putting up the pole soon as well as having the airing of grievances and feats of strength.

    The Costanzas will be by later.

  5. I am all about Buffy in any way shape and form. I have the boxed set. And I posted today on my dreams being full of Spike last night….sigh….love Spike…

    Lady K and I have a chickie day tomorrow, no school for some reason. Watch movies and make caramel apples.
    DH and I will take Lady K out early Trick or Treating, then DH and Lady K hand out the candy and I will watch whatever scary shows happen to be on.

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