What Floats Or Sinks Your Boat

We are going to keep this blessedly (or relatively) brief  today. Tomorrow, April 1, if all other things remain equal, I will mark twenty-one years of sobriety. I used to think that I couldn’t write unless I drank. I got a lot of typing done in those days but not much writing. Now I can’t write — or type or much of anything else — without coffee. I recently found a new brand of same called Revv Pulse which I liken unto mother’s milk.  I get a lot more writing done these days, for better or worse.

My question to you: what, if anything, do you use to kick start  the creative portion of your day? Coffee? Tea? A cigarette? Alcohol? Television? Radio? Music? How did you discover that it worked?
Before I go…if you are having trouble in your career and think that at least part of the problem might be due to alcohol abuse or addiction there is a questionnaire online that you might want to peruse. It can be found at alcoholism.about.com/od/tests/a/quiz_alcoholic.htm. It’s not a diagnosis tool, by any means; consider it a flashlight that you can use when you’re in the dark and trying to troubleshoot why the electricity isn’t working. If you need help, then consider checking out something like https://www.werecover.com/. Also: I’m happy to discuss my own experiences if it would be of any help to others. I can be reached at josephhartlaub at gmail dot com.