Oh, the many roads we take to TKZ

The Internet is a mysterious thing. Take blog traffic, for example. TKZ is blessed with many readers who visit these pages regularly. But every week we also have a couple thousand first-time readers, called “unique visitors” by StatCounter. Many of the unique visitors are referred to the blog by links from other blogs and web sites. Others land at TKZ after they do a key word search in Google.

According to StatCounter, one of the most frequent searches that land people at this blog is “Mistakes made in sex.” Hmm. I’m not sure what to make of that. Those searches usually  lead people to Clare’s post,  “Top 5 best sex scenes in literature”. Thanks for the traffic, Clare!

Another popular search at TKZ is “cordite smell.” Those browsers wind up at John’s post, “The smell of cordite in the air.”
Searches for “Examples of creating an atmosphere in a story” often land on my post, “Thriller writing 101: Creating an atmosphere.”

It’s interesting to see how Web browsers arrive at TKZ’s doorstep. We, of course, do our our best to convert all of those casual browsers into regular readers.

What about you? How did you find TKZ? Is this your first visit, or are you a “regular”? Either way, we love you guys! We really, really do!