27 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Snack Time

  1. Chocolate.
    Perfect accompaniment to coffee. Bum in chair, computer and all good to go.

  2. Homemade chocolate chip cookies and Pepsi, or else popcorn. Depends on if I’m sweet or salty that day.

  3. I mainstream a spoon or so of peanut butter (Trader Joe’s natural, crunchy).
    Also Trader Joe’s Fruit Jellies and Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries.

    I keep bags of almonds, too. But somehow, gram for gram, the peanut butter is more satisfying. Analyzing almonds v peanut butter, I find essentially the same fat content, protein content, and calories. I considered whether the grinding that creates the peanut butter releases more flavor than chewing almonds does. But here’s why I rejected that theory: Almonds have more monounsaturated fats and PB has more saturated fats. So, obviously, my body instinctively knows PB is less healthy and therefore likes PB better.

    • You guys are idiots. TJ’s Creamy is WAY better than Crunchy!And PB is for amateurs; almond butter is exceedingly better.And forget almonds themselves; I eat raw walnuts. Superior in every way.(and if they made cheap walnut butter, bada bing)

      And have you noticed how fantastic it is now shopping in TJ’s with a max capacity of XX peeps in the store? OK, there’s a line, but once inside, it’s like I’m in a dream. And the odds on the bring-your-bag raffle are now WAY better.

      • Daughter is just back from a TJ trip for us. Went quickly and well. Wife persuaded me not to go. Busy now spraying all the packages with either alcohol or bleach.

        Much as I love banket and marzipan, I can’t handle almond butter.

        I switched to crunchy about the same time I moved from sugary, salty, trans-fat-laden PB to salt-free natural. Not that I avoid salt on many things.

  4. Chocolate. Because it’s not too bitter like super-dark chocolate, and not too sugary like regular milk chocolate, I prefer Sprouts dark chocolate peanut clusters–you also have some crunch for satisfaction. 😎

    • I’m sorry. That shouldn’t have come up under your comment. I don’t know how to delete it. πŸ™

  5. Coffee and chocolate. I’ve given up worrying about calories, but if I were able to eat gluten, copious amounts of cookies would be involved, too.

    Good gluten-free cookies are harder to find and cost much more.

  6. It is my hope that, in heaven, we will have popcorn, glazed doughnuts, and Hershey bars. So, I get a head start here.

    I do have a question. If I worked the time it takes to earn the $1.59 to buy it, make the trip to the story to purchase it, and I unwrap it and eat it, then why it called Hershey’s Milk Chocolate.

    Who is the Hershey, and what is he doing with my bar?

  7. Coffee! I don’t normally snack while I write unless I’m eating my breakfast or lunch while I’m writing. lol But if I did and calories didn’t count, it would be chocolate truffles!!

  8. I don’t snack while I write, but my hubby fixed me a frozen strawberry margarita the other day when I was hot from working in the yard. We’ve been married for many years and I didn’t know he had that talent.

  9. No snacking for me. It’s hard enough focusing on the writing without said distraction.

    I think it’s universal: if callories didn’t count, it would be chocolate for me too!

  10. I don’t eat when I’m writing because it’s just mindlessly shoving and chewing, but flavored seltzer water is my drink of choice. A true snack is a Cara Cara orange, something chocolate, or a Triple Ginger cookie from Dewey’s Bakery, home of the Moravian Cookie. The Triple Ginger is small but intensely ginger so one cookie is really satisfying for the tastebuds.

  11. I don’t snack while I write, either. My hands are too busy typing. However, I have to watch myself while reading or watching a movie. That’s when the cravings set in. If calories don’t matter:
    Popcorn, Pepperidge Farms Cheddar Cheese Crackers (the little fish), Baked Lays, and who can resist a bite of chocolate? Milk chocolate for me. πŸ™‚

  12. I’m impressed with the level of gourmet discrimination shown here! You’re out of my league.

    I don’t snack while I write. Too messy. If I get hungry, I’ll take a break and scrounge around for something in the kitchen to make my stomach stop growling. Peanut butter is a favorite. I’m not picky about brands. Dark chocolate would be the ultimate snack. (Note to self: put on grocery list.)

    I do drink sparkling water while I’m writing.

  13. Glad to see I’m not the only sparkling water addict here. To mangle the language, if it don’t bubble, I won’t drink…which would not be a good thing.

    If calories didn’t count? I like milk chocolate, but I confess my primary decadence gene favors the butterscotch/caramel family. I could eat caramels by the bag. Or Rolos, for the combo. Except the calories, sadly, do count.

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