Reader Friday: Aloha! (And Mea Culpa)

Note: Reader Friday is kicking back in Maui today, and forgot to post in time for early morning. Reader Friday blames an excess of parasailing and Mai Tais by the beach. Aloha!

Speaking of zen, Iif you could pick one tropical paradise or idyllic location to live on as your personal writing retreat, where would that be?

15 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Aloha! (And Mea Culpa)

  1. Lived in Florida for 30+ years. Do NOT have any desire to visit anything remotely resembling tropical. Love my mountain home in the Colorado Rockies.

  2. Living in Florida now. I’m allergic to cold.

    My dream writing location is closer to the beach. I like the Gulf to write on and Mobile Bay to live on.

  3. Terry – I was stationed in Colorado. It is beautiful, but too far from the ocean for me.

    Aloha Person – I’m jealous. I’ve been to 49 of the 50 states. Hawaii is ruining my perfect record.

  4. I’m looking at the first sprinkling of snow–almost mid-November. I never get tired of falling snow (unless I have to drive very far in it) and new-fallen snow (even though it quickly gets dirty and yucky). By February, though, I could endure a tropical break.

    On the other hand, in maybe two decades Cleveland will be a tropical paradise. So I may keep a place here for the February break and buy my sister’s place in the U.P.

  5. There’s a small, octagonal building currently on the grounds of a small college in Elmira, NY (Finger Lakes region) where I’d like to hole up to write.
    Driving through the state during the summer with my family we stopped in this little town just to get a break from the road. As it turned out, Mark Twain lived in Elmira for a time. I took the bus tour, which included a stop at the small structure where Twain wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Life on the Mississippi, and the Prince and the Pauper. The guide told us Twain’s wife had the study built for him, so he could find some privacy.
    Of course if I ever set up to write there, I’d get no further than a hundred words before I’d be dragged out by the local police.
    But it would be great until that time.

  6. Kauai is my dream writing retreat. We stayed on the southeast coast. And. It. Was. Paradise. But when we traveled to the mountains in the central northern region to visit friends? *sigh. For now though, I’ll take my home office in western Kentucky with eight foot windows and a view of the forest. Mahalo nui loa

  7. It is indeed Maui, Sue! Hard to believe it’s that gorgeous, but it is! (Although I confess the actual photo is by a Shutterstock photographer—my photography skills would not do it justice!)

  8. Terry, I know what you mean about Florida—I think of humidity, mosquitoes, and alligators! Southern California is my hometown zen zone, ( minus the occasional earthquake of course!)

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