Reader Friday: Your Writing Progress So Far In 2017?

We’ve crossed the halfway point for 2017. What have you accomplished so far this year in terms of your writing? What would you put under the category  “Needs Improvement”?

5 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Your Writing Progress So Far In 2017?

  1. After getting 3 books out in 2016, I’m taking it “easy” and have one novel currently with my editor, just getting started on a novella, and have put 4 audiobooks up for sale. I also did some research: a week on a Caribbean cruise and a week at a cattle ranch.

  2. I published a novel in both eBook and paperback formats, along with three novelettes during the late spring and early summer.

    I’m working on the sequel to the published novel now, plus a stand-alone novel. My goal was to publish the sequel in the late fall, and the new stand-alone in the winter or early spring.

    What seems to be happening is the stand-alone is near completion and might evolve into a series, while I’m having to dig really deep for the sequel.

    So on the one hand, I feel accomplished, while on the other it’s a struggle

  3. I’ve published several stories on and The Weekly Knob. One story for TWK won a prize (“Feuds,” An orphan, at age 19, learns she has a grandmother she never knew about. She has to decide whether she can forgive her for all the years of neglect.

    I’ve submitted three crime stories to print publications.

    I continue to edit and revise the backlog of stories I’ve written over the past few years. I’ve got a possible novel started, but I may not know enough about its world to actually pull it off. Makes me contemplate the joys of fantasy with the freedom to create my own world.

  4. After half a year of false starts, I’ve undertaken the Ray Bradbury “52 short stories in 52 weeks” challenge… Two stories down, only fifty to go. 🙂 It’s been invigorating and educational. I’m posting them and documenting the process on my blog, but at the end of the challenge, I plan to compile an ebook containing every story as well as my journal entries.

  5. Sold one novel, JANE’S BABY (April 2018). Agent rejected another novel from a new series that I still have hopes for, says it needs x, y, z before she’d consider submitting it. Fixing x and y, don’t want to change it for z (totally changes the novel), so I might look for a publisher on my own because I like it the way it is. That’s the way we’re rolling for this one, says this hopeful but probably woefully naive novelist.

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