Reader Friday: What Does Your Writing Day Look Like?

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Describe your typical writing day routine.


8 thoughts on “Reader Friday: What Does Your Writing Day Look Like?

  1. Wish I was cool enough to have a routine but I don’t. I’ve had a long layoff from writing and just recently re-started again (too many irons in the fire). However, for the last 2 weeks I’ve been writing a little each evening before bed.

    Evenings are absolutely NOT my preferred time to write. Unlike most I am definitely not an evening person, but that’s when I can make time to write so that’s when I write. It’s not many words per night, but I’m developing my ‘routine’ muscle again. That’s what counts.

  2. Unfortunately, right now it looks like a sticky glob of overcooked spaghetti. Unstructured and unappealing.

  3. Wake, get up, breakfast, do chores. Start writing at a standing desk in the kitchen. Work and ‘think’ walk (10,000 steps) from 9am – 3pm (eat and drink on the hoof; make lunch for husband). Stop. Husband makes me a mug of Darjeeling. Sit in the sitting room. Watch some silly TV. Make supper later. Read emails. Catch up with writery friends on Twitter and Facebook for 10 minutes. Walk. Wind down. Bed. Rinse and Repeat.

  4. This summer, I’ve worked in my garden in the cool mornings, and wrote in the hotter part of day (inside, of course). Wrote, or edited, whichever I had to do. I like mornings, when I have the time, better. I’ve also hand written notes whenever things came to me, and then wrote them later whenever I had time.

  5. Breakfast in bed, then up and head to my home office, determined to settle into serious writing. After watching half an hour of cat videos, I write until about noon, when I break for tea. Lunch about 3 pm and then I write until 7 o’clock when I go for a walk or work out at the gym.

  6. Summertime and the writing is sporadic. I have summer company and a house guest and a wonderful sister coming to visit to get away from a too hot Arizona in September.
    I promise myself I’ll write something every day even if it’s editing work already typed, or adding a paragraph. It’s slow going, but I persevere.

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