A Little Injection Of Inspiration

I’m in the air today on yet another cross country sojourn, so I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite TED Talks. In this talk author Elizabeth Gilbert (of EAT, PRAY, LOVE…  fame) is inspiring and refreshingly candid as she discusses how to manage life when you suspect that your best writing is behind you. In the Comments, please share your own favorite sources of inspiration, from TED talk or aother!

6 thoughts on “A Little Injection Of Inspiration

  1. Something to think about. Authors do need to find a better way of viewing their journey to avoid the career pitfalls (and serious mental disconnects).

    Many companies are defined by one-hit wonders. Many sustain themselves on one hit wonders & for some it’s just a season of time. Many companies re-invent themselves and go in another direction.

    I think of Stephen R. Covey–his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has been a regular seller since it’s launch in 1989 & likely will be a regular seller into the forseeable future. But I never got the impression that he let it stop him from other work during his lifetime. But I’m sure there are just as many examples of authors who wrote books that are not perennial favorites yet the authors still moved on and did their thing.

    I’ve aspired to a lot of things but becoming a basket case is not one of them. 😎

  2. Hah! I have a special place in my heart for basket case-itry, but
    I deeply admire the more stable souls in this world. Thanks for stopping by to chat today, BK!

  3. Thanks Sue, I realize everyone on the planet (except for me) probably discovered them a long time ago. I’m not usually a fan of videos (prefer reading content to watching it), so as usual I arrived late to the party!

  4. A beautiful sentiment embodied in that talk and thank you so much for sharing it. I grind away, hoping for that wonderment that she talked of. Occasionally, maybe a small spark, but the rest, the grinding away, that I can do.

  5. It’s great how open and honest she is. I love her podcast, too. Though I’ve never read Eat, Pray, Love, she still motivates me. Thanks, Kathryn!

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