Reader Friday: Brags, Book News, And WIPs Roundup!

Let’s catch catch up on where everyone is, work wise. Please share your most recent publishing news, achievements, and/or describe your current Work In Progress. Relevant links welcome. It’s time to toot your own horn!

10 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Brags, Book News, And WIPs Roundup!

  1. Honored that my latest medical mystery, Medical Judgment, was named a finalist in its category by Romantic Times’ Book Reviewers “Reviewer’s Choice” contest.

    Dipping my toe further into the self-publishing stream with the impending release of my long novella, Doctor’s Dilemma.

  2. I finished writing my first novel in December, thanks a great deal to Larry Brooks, James Scott Bell, and a number of other Kill Zone bloggers. I worried that whole time that I wasn’t going to be able to actually write a whole book from beginning to end, so thanks for all your support, kind (and harsh) words, and information on the craft. This has been a ride of a lifetime and I’m hoping to to start agent hunting by May.

  3. Working on three novellas that, together, form the story of Detective Eve Bell’s decent into, well you’ll see. The first novella, ‘A Semi-Perfect Homicide” is in final edits, the second ‘The Body in the Tree’ is about 60% written, and the final one ‘Broken’ is in planning. Hope to have them all done by fall. Total word count, 100lk. In addition, there will be three more that chronicles her journey back and how it transforms her into a great detective.

  4. I’m working on a new novel about a young lady that witnesses a crime turning her whole world upside-down, a defense attorney that, although quite intuitive, is at a loss on how to deal with her and his attraction to her and a plaintiff attorney who has very disturbing predilections. I was in a slump for a while, but the past few days have been encouraging. I’ve covered a lot of ground with the manuscript and I’m hopeful to see it to completion.

  5. Congrats to Richard and Janet for completing their projects, and to Brian and Dulaney for their commitment to finish their novel / novellas. It ain’t easy, let me tell ya.

  6. After writing my 3 mystery novels and getting them published, I’m have a hard time getting the 4th novel going. I’ve got a folder full of notes with characters and even a couple of drafted scenes, but I can’t seem to sit down and start Chapter One. One good thing, I was invited to do a book reading/signing event at Herman Melville Museum, “Arrowhead,” in Pittsfield, MA, for my novel Greylock. The story takes place on Mt. Greylock, just 15 miles from Arrowhead. Location is everything sometimes.

    I really enjoy Kill Zone blog!

  7. I am pretty new to fiction writing, but completed the first draft of my first novel in NaNoWriMo 2016. I’ve yet to edit it, as I felt the need to get to know the characters better to make them more vivid. So by way of developing background I am writing short stories about them. It is a blast!

  8. I have not yet written a novel:) hopefully pending….I published a fiction short story, “Cemetery Plot,” in late 2016 and a non-fiction article, “The Big Dig,” in Feb/Mar 2017.

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