When The Muse Needs A Kick In The Pants

Do you ever have one of those days when it feels like the “boys in the back room” have gone on strike? It’s those times when inspiration fades, and fresh, original  ideas seem to have taken a permanent vacay from your brain? To help kickstart the inner Muse, consider trying out these nifty little writing exercise programs, which include everything from a Random Plot Generator, What If? Scenarios, a Character Trait Generator, and a Random First Line Generator.  Happy Writing!

Speaking of Happy: We’re excited and pleased to announce that The Kill Zone has been recognized by Positive Writer in its “Best Writing Blogs for Writers Awards 2017″.

Thanks to our bloggers and TKZ readers and community contributors for making this another great year for writing and learning!

9 thoughts on “When The Muse Needs A Kick In The Pants

  1. Yea, us!

    Yeah, you can break through those blocky times when you write with absolutely no plan, purely as an exercise. It may lead to a short story, or a concept for a novel … but even if it’s just getting the writing juices flowing, that’s a good thing. It teaches you to “let go” when you are actually writing your scenes.

    • I usually don’t like writing prompts, but the speed and random associations of those exercises appeal to me. Like the random first line generator, “If you leave now, you lose everything.” Not bad! ?

  2. I hate writing exercises! 🙂 But the ones at WE are so neat! Thanks for a great resource. And congrats to the Killzone…but I’m not surprised. This is one of the few blogs I visit every day. I really appreciate all you guys (started to say all y’all) do.

  3. Congrats, Kill Zone!

    I’m in that place right now, slogging along veeerrry slowly. The interesting part is that ideas for a zillion *other* stories are flowing madly. Amazing what avoidance can accomplish.

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