10 thoughts on “READER FRIDAY: A Writer You Admire

  1. I’m going to depart from books for an example since everyone already knows my favorite novel author. Gene Roddenberry is otherwise the guy I give the nod too. I don’t consider myself a sci-fi fan in general terms, so I don’t know what sci-fi there was before Star Trek, but to me, in series television, there are no more enduring characters than the cast and crew of the original Star Trek. By far, the most quotable show in this or any other universe. To create that diversity of characters, that concept, was outstanding. He may not have written all the episodes, but he gave birth to the legend. For that, I tip my hat to his creativity.

  2. I discovered John D. MacDonald way back when I was in my (ahem)’s and anyone who can create stories like he did on a typewriter gets my undying respect. I wrote my first short story on a portable Royal (not electric) typewriter…and if computers hadn’t come along, I’m not sure I would have ever written another one.

  3. Each and every one of the members on TKZ. Why? You’re prolific, hard-working, supportive, giving, kind, funny, and talented. What’s not to love?

  4. Lol, great point Patricia.

    I left my first typewriter, a beautiful sky blue one, on the curb to be trashed during move #10.

    Now, I would love to have it back.

    Many of the writers I admire have written nonfiction and the reason I admire them is because of their courage to tackle some issues that would leave me otherwise emotionally paralyzed.

    But my list includes the writers here who share their insight and help. I admire them because of their hearts to give back when they could be using the time for themselves.

    • Cindy, you’re right about the courage it takes to tackle tough subjects in non-fiction. I would love to write something to raise awareness of the deplorable state of mental health care in our supposedly ‘advanced’ nation, but the mere thought drains me almost as much as working in the field.

  5. Odd choice – R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps series. Not because he’s a great writer (Lord knows he isn’t) but because he’s such a dogged, determined writer. Read his memoir, “It Came From Ohio.” At a very early age he decided he was a writer and nothing – NOTHING – was going to stop him. He created his own niche, and he knew his audience and knew how to please them. His “little engine that could” attitude makes him a great role model.

  6. Louise Penny, Barbara Taylor Bradford, William Kent Krueger, Sharyn McCrumb — because they write the kind of books I aspire to.

  7. Jeffery Archer. If you make me break down the reasons why, I may discover the flaws in my admiration. So, I enjoy from afar, without any knowledge of his back story or inspiration. Let me imagine his far away qualities in this information age we live in.

  8. Markus Zusak, author of THE BOOK THIEF. My favorite book. Markus took true stories told by his mother and other family members from the Holocaust and created a masterpiece, a life changing book. It’s brilliantly written from the unique point of view of Death. The Book Thief is a young adult novel but it’s a book for all ages. I’ve read the book, seen the movie, and listened to the audio book and every version is worth experiencing. It’s a once in a life time accomplishment for this amazing author.


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