8 thoughts on “READER FRIDAY: Perfect

  1. Hrm….a perfect day.

    1. Not get attacked by cave trolls or goblins in my sleep

    2. Wake up fully refreshed without a trace of blood on my hands or any unremembered bruises and have a delicious breakfast and coffee with my lovely wife

    3. Play for an hour with Heimdall the Norse Dog (He’s a Yorkie with super powers)
    4. Sit at the shore of the sea in my comfy chair in the sun and spend an hour or two writing while the story flows without stop or confusion
    5. Eat delicious, light lunch with wife and Heimdall…share some with puppy
    6. Walk Heimdall for a mile or two to let him check his Pee-Mail
    7. Go to studio and record a flawless 3 hour set of whatever extremely well written novel I am narrating (probably a John Gilstrap or James Scott Bell project I’d think)
    8. Come into house and do yoga with my lovely wife, as Heimdall tries to figure out what we mortals are doing and why it does not involve throwing his squeaky chicken for him to chase.
    9. Eat delicious dinner at a table set at the top of the hills outside of Anchorage, overlooking the lovely Turnagain Arm, where we watch Beluga Whales dance in the water just below us as bald eagles soar overhead but are afraid to snatch up little Heimdall, because they can see he is a Norse Dog and know better.
    10. Slow dance with my lovely wife under the Aurora Borealis until bedtime.
    11. Bedtime…..details redacted…..but any interrupting dark wizards will not be welcome…

  2. My perfect day others would probably find boring but it would be:

    1. 4 a.m. 2 mile walk with my 3 Labrador Retrievers (a black, chocolate, and yellow)
    2. Followed by an intense workout either in the weight room or on the heavy bag w/some solid cardio follow up
    3. A nice healthy breakfast where I catch up on email and get the day rolling
    4. 2-3 hours writing related tasks (writing, researching)
    5. 2-3 hours pursuing visual arts–drawing, painting to take advantage of the best natural light of the day
    6. Healthy lunch
    7. An hour on the less interesting aspects of writing (schmoozing, etc.)
    8. some chore time (even in a perfect day there are chores. Sigh.)
    9. a couple hours training with older clients to help them have more mobility for more of their life and a better physical state
    10. Some volunteer time squeezed in either: 1) going around to apartment complexes to work with people who have dogs to teach dog socialization classes and/or volunteering time at a physical therapy clinic
    11. Chill out: do some reading after a healthy dinner, mindless television, whatever

    Oh, and I’d want to be taking classwork at college too.

    In other words, my perfect day would be very tiring, just like my reality day is tiring, except my perfect day would be tiring for all the right reasons. 😎

  3. I have to say that every one of my days is perfect. I wake up next to my wife, I can put my feet on the floor and walk, the cat does figure 8s around me as I go downstairs in my climate-controlled home, there’s coffee available, there’s a bathroom available, and I have clothes and transportation at the ready. I’m still in possession of all of my faculties and have everything I need and can obtain most of what I reasonably want. I can’t improve on that.

  4. My Perfect day is to wake up at 4: AM fully cognizant and write for four hours before my day starts.
    All else following that would be perfect.

  5. 6 hours of deep sleep.
    40 min walk with dogs. (takes a while cuz one is 14)
    1.5 hours with the NYTimes (inc Crossword)
    3-5 hours productive writing
    1 hour run.
    1 hr cooking dinner (usually while watching Jeopardy)
    1 hr eating with husband.
    2.5 hours watching Panthers beat Islanders.

    Would be cool if this were happening in some cabin in the northern woods or a cottage in France but hey, life is pretty darn good as it is.

  6. Eight hours of solid sleep. Lots of sunshine. Don and I are both healthy and the cats are chasing one another through the house. The shopping has been done by the housekeeper, who then proceeds to clean our house. All major appliances are working. Spielberg interrupts my breakfast with an offer for my latest book and I refer him to my agent. My agent tells me my current mystery has gone back for another reprint. I finish six hours of uninterrupted writing, followed by dinner with Don at our favorite restaurant, and we watch the moon rise on the beach and go home for eight hours of etc.
    PS: No housekeeper, but I like our life.

  7. * Six hours sleep.
    * Awhile in the Word of God
    * A half-hour with my online business.
    * Three hours writing. (That includes writing and
    a lot of yelling when things don’t work.)
    * Lunch
    * Two hours of writing or research. (And more yelling, when necessary.)
    * Time with my wife, my children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren.
    * Mexican food. Barbecue beef ribs will do.
    * A movie, reading, television, or a ball game.

    I have had a publisher ask if I would be interested in recording audio books. I have some experience in radio news and voice over work. THAT may turn me into a grumpy old man if the projects come up.

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