6 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Memories

  1. I use treasured memories in books all the time; I can’t pick just one. My PI is a divorced father, with a daughter. All of his stories have at least one scene with the two of them together as a way to humanize him in the midst of what he has to deal with, and do. All of these scenes are based on things my daughter and I did when she was the age his daughter is now. Some are practically verbatim transcriptions.

  2. My memories and experiences, some believable, some fantastical yet real nonetheless, often find their way into my books. One of my favourites that has made it into my current work.

    First date with my future wife her mother, who was less than impressed with me at the time, decided it was a good day to make the ubiquitous and highly odoriferous Korean side dish Kim Chi. For a large percentage of non-Korean people the garlic fermentation odour of Kim Chi is enough to make them pin their nose shut with a heavy steel clamp. But when the lovely young woman opened the door two thoughts went through my mind.

    Man this girl is beautiful.
    What is that delicious smell?

    Still today, when I smell that famous Kim Chi stink I get all romanticky amorous.

  3. I served in The Peace Corps, in Micronesia, and I use lots of material from those two years in my suspense novel, The Anything Goes Girl.

  4. Yes, several years ago Marcus Wynne and I drove out to Phoenix with a trunkful of weapons of various sorts and types to give a presentation at Thrillerfest. We drove through Albuquerque very early in the morning and when we came out the other side I imagined seeing Indians on horseback sweeping back and forth across the highway. It provided the impetus to write my short story “Starlets & Spaceboys.”

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