Reader Friday: Which literary character would you be for Halloween?

It’s mid-October, and we’re getting in the mood for Halloween….

So, which literary or thriller character would you choose to be for  Halloween? Jack Reacher? Jack the Ripper? Jacqueline de Bellefort from Death on the Nile? 

To get your inspiration engines started, here’s a link to some literary character costumes

And some more female characters…

Here’s a challenge–let us  know which literary character you choose for Halloween! And of course, you’ll need to send us pictures! You can send your photos to Killzoneblog at gmail dot com.

12 thoughts on “Reader Friday: Which literary character would you be for Halloween?

  1. My favorite Halloween costume is a riff on Robert Howard’s most famous creation.

    It’s a perfect character for a weightlifter who wears glasses: I wear a Viking’s horned helmet, a leather vest, leggings, and boots. I carry a battle-axe, and around my neck is a book with “Overdue!” on the cover.

    Who am I? Conan the Librarian.

  2. It would be a blast to shock all my friends by going prim and proper, and blond and straight-haired (i.e. wig, big time): Nancy Drew! Me in a sweater set and penny loafers and string of pearls–hilarious!

  3. My daughter is going as Captain America this year, so apparently I’ll be going as Black Widow. Although all the costumes I’ve seen so far are dubious.

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