So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

By John Gilstrap

I tell my students in writing classes that you know it’s time to stop writing when you’ve run out of things to say. It seems reasonable that what applies to fiction should likewise apply to blogging, and thus, this is my final post as an active duty Killzoner. It’s been close to three years, which means something along the lines of 150 Friday posts, and, frankly, I worry that I have begun to repeat myself. Y’all deserve better than that.

As one of the founding members of this corner of cyberspace, I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished, and I value each of the friendships I’ve developed over that time, both real and virtual. I feel as though I’ve come to know our regular posters, and I hope that we continue to communicate. To reach out directly, please feel free to email me at I really do answer every email I get, though sometimes I’m admittedly a little slow.

If you’ve got some spare time, I hope you’ll make a chance to visit and join my mailing list. I don’t send out a lot of newsletters, but when I do, I work hard to make them short, relevant and interesting. Also, I encourage everyone to “like” my Facebook page, When I get the urge to write a blog-like essay, that’s where I’ll be posting it. And, of course, there’s my Twitter account, @johngilstrap; but I must confess that the usefulness of Twitter continues to elude me. (That semicolon was for you, Mr. Bell.)

I should point out that I’m really not going anywhere. I’ll continue to be a regular visitor to TKZ, and I’m sure I’ll be adding a few cents-worths from time to time.

It’s been a privilege, folks. For those of you who write, keep writing.  Never lose sight of the dream and remember my mantra that failure can never be inflicted upon another person. It has to be declared by oneself.

And for heaven’s sake, keep reading.

17 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

  1. Whu…? But… You’re my favourite, and most definitely most eloquent, Friday Blogging Alopecian!

    Sigh… I guess I understand though.

    It will be hard to fill the space with someone who has such solid data, serious info, and very cool personality in general.

    But, all good things must end in their time, and the memory of that good thing ends up sweeter as time goes on.

    Farewell fair expositor…may your stylus always press the clay, your quill stay sharp, and your pen never be see a famine of ink.

  2. Will miss you here but will see you at those other addresses. But you best not stop writing. I do look forward to your words.

  3. Oh boy…now I’ve got that Sound of Music tune in my head and it won’t go away.

    thanks John….thanks alot

    I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly


  4. You have truly inspired and educated this writer to strive for more tension, proper pacing, and better characters. For every Friday I woke up and clicked on TKZ first thing, I thank you.
    Next John Gilstrap dose = High Treason.


  5. John, I’m looking for the day you come back to TKZ to post that you’ve quit your “big boy” job to write full time. I hope it’s just around the corner. Good luck, my friend.

  6. Well, you better show up for some sparring in the comments, or we’ll come looking for you.

    You’ll be missed. Friday was always a good “what will he come up with” day.

    And I’m glad you used up your semi-colon in the post. It’s a good place to leave it.

  7. You’re the best, John! We’re going to miss you so, so much. Thanks for all your hard work over the years in our little patch of cyberspace. Don’t forget to visit us from time to time!

  8. John, So very sorry to see you go. But I know that “life goes on” and sometimes it dawns on us that it’s time to step off a particular merry-go-round. Hope things go well for you, and look forward to reading a comment here or personal blog post from you in the future.

  9. There’s this parrot in a pet store and this man is shopping and as he walks by the parrot the bird says, “f*ck you, you sh*t-eating Co@kksucker…”

    The man runs to the manager and repeats the nasty diatribe he received. The manager grabs a pair of scissors and runs back to the bird and yells, “I told you about insulting my customers. I said I wouldn’t take it and that I’d cut all of your feathers down to the skin next time. You have had your last warning!”

    Next day the guy comes back and as he passes the bird he hears a low hiss.

    The man looks at the bird, puts his fists on his hips and says, “What?”

    The bird says in a whisper, “You know what.”

    And so does JG

  10. John, very sorry to see you leave TKZ as a regular. But as others have said, you’d better appear in the comment section . . . often! You will be missed.

  11. John, you will be sorely missed each Friday while I drink the morning coffee and learn at the chair of the master. Please don’t be a stranger.

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