Thank You All

By John Gilstrap

I’m taking the occasion of this final Killzone post before our Holiday Hiatus to say some thank-yous.

To the readers of Suspense Magazine for naming my novel Threat Warning the Best Book of 2011.

To my colleagues here at TKZ for enriching my life–in some cases with their friendship, but in all cases with well-considered insights into a craft that is always worthwhile, and a business that makes less and less sense.  The quality of discussion in this corner of cyberspace is second to none.

To my wife, Joy, for making every day special.  Her boundless patience allows me to pursue two full-time careers.

To my son, Chris, for his wisdom, his knowledge of all things electronic (and a never-grudging willingness to train his untrainable dad on such things), his love of books and music and movies, and his unfailingly good character.

To my publishing team, who together make Joy’s boundless patience seem like a reasonably good idea.  My agent, Anne Hawkins, makes everything else happen.  Because of her, I get to work with Micheala Hamilton, the single best editor I’ve ever encountered (and I’ve worked with quite a few).  But she doesn’t toil alone.  The rest of the team–Adeola Saul, Alexandra Nicolajsen, Laurie Parkin, Steve Zacharius and the entire sales team–show old school commitment to embracing new developments in the industry.

To the authors in my monthly critique group–Donna Andrews, Ellen Crosby, Alan Orloff and Art Taylor–for at last making it easy for me to share my works in progress with others.

To my friends and colleagues at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries–my Big Boy job–for granting me a venue to allow me to exercise a completely different part of my brain.  Special thanks go to Robin Wiener, Anne Marie Horvath, Joe Bateman, Commodor Hall, Kent Kiser, Joe Pickard, Chuck Carr and Ed Szrom.

To dear friends because they’re dear friends.  Lists are dangerous because they can’t possibly be all-inclusive, but I offer a special nod to Bob and Bert Garino, Pat Barney and Sam Shockley, John and Susan Miller, and Jeff Deaver.

Finally, and most importantly, to readers everywhere.  I love that you read and respond to my posts here on TKZ, and I love that you read my books and provide me feedback.  That ability to communicate directly with readers is one of the great pleasures of the 21st Century.

I wish all of you–all of us–a wonderful Holiday Season, and a terrific 2012.  May none of us gain more than ten pounds in the next two weeks.

Seeya next year!

11 thoughts on “Thank You All

  1. And thank you, John, for enriching our lives by just being you, by writing books that let us escape the hassles of daily life by tagging along in the adventure. And for your many words of advice and wisdom on the craft of writing here in TKZ. I start each day checking this blog and have learned more from it than you all will ever know.

    Thanks, and all of you have a great Holiday season.

  2. I’ll add my thanks to you and the other KZ contributors for sharing their knowledge, wit and insight into the craft and industry. TKZ is a bright spot every day.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. John,

    Merry Christmas!

    I loved IN THE AFTER in FRESH KILLS. Read the review I posted on Amazon.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your words in 2012, both here on TKZ and in your novels.

    Thanks for your posts – they inspire me.

  4. This is beautiful, John. Nothing like gratitude as the topping star on our holiday celebrations.

    Thank you, for being John Gilstrap. We are all so very lucky to have you among us.

    Happy Holidays!

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