Just call me Nurse Clare

So another apology and another missed blog post. After returning from the USA to help look after my Dad, I’ve had one boy suffering from croup and a horrible plague-like cough and another boy who I just picked up from the school health center after falling badly in PE (cut up face, blood nose, wounded knee – he did a good job with that face plant on the asphalt!)…So instead of writing my blog post, I am on full ‘nurse mom’ duty as of now! Hopefully next week things will have calmed down and we will be back to my normally scheduled blog!

7 thoughts on “Just call me Nurse Clare

  1. Clare, hang in there. I have experience as a single parent in my checkered past and learned one thing: everything goes wrong at once. Hope everyone gets better really soon!

  2. So far we are all on the mend but a trip to the dentist will hopefully go okay – my son has just got his adult front teeth and these were on the front line of his face plant!

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