A book is born!

Hooray! Today is the official release date of my new book, MAKEOVERS CAN BE MURDER. I think Kate (my protag) looks kinda cute on the cover, don’t you? But don’t be fooled–she packs a mean stun gun.

To kick off the book promotion, I had a fun interview today with Cheryl Nason, aka Dallas Book Diva. Tomorrow morning I’ll be chatting with Baron Ron Herron at KZSB Radio. Then more stops later this month.

In a few days (it always takes a few days for bookstores to unpack the books from the boxes and put them on the shelves), I’ll start surreptitiously casing out local bookstores. I’ll eye the book’s placement, and probably try to get away with turning the books cover-out. I have friends who do the same thing–a friend of mine in Wellesley, Mass. haunts her local library. She keeps putting my books on the front table so that they have prime real estate. She thinks the librarian is wise to her, but hasn’t caught her in the act yet.

Am I the only person who does this when a new book comes out? How do you all interact with your local bookstores around release-date time?


13 thoughts on “A book is born!

  1. The manager of my local bookstore knows me, so she makes me come in for a signing. I sign stock at other bookstores, but try to avoid events if possible. Mostly, I try to channel the anxiety into progress on a new book.

    Cute cover!

  2. Hey Kathryn, best of luck with MAKEOVERS CAN BE MURDER. I’ll be sure to turn all your books face out at the local B&N when I pick up my copy.

  3. Congrats on the new book!

    Anytime I see a book for an author I know, either personally or online, I always turn the cover out. I’ll be sure to turn yours on my next trip to a bookstore. And buy a copy, of course!

  4. Anonymous, that’s a good suggestion for how to use anxiety–use it to propel the next book! Thanks Joe, for your help. I get by with a little help from my friends. Jim and Joyce, thanks–I do the same thing with book covers of writers I know, Joyce. I love to think of us all out there, rearranging bookshelves!

  5. Congratulations on the release of Makeovers Can Be Murder. What a great title, and the cover’s super.

    My daughter is 12 and quite tiny and she manages to slip between the bookshelves and turn my books face out without anyone noticing!

  6. Congratulations! A new book is cause for celebration and not just a little manipulation. My former agent’s husband used to move all her clients books to the front table at bookstores. I’m too much of a wimp – I just haunt the local stores, smile and buy lots of books and hopefully they remember me when mine comes out.

  7. Clare, I haven’t been that bold either! Maybe this’ll be the year!

    Just remember, Clare and Kathryn, what The Byrds tell you:

    “To everything turn, turn turn…”

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