Today’s Lesson

By Mark Alpert

I’m struggling to meet this week’s word quota for the novel I’m writing, so I’ll offer just a short piece of advice to everyone else out there, the same advice I’m muttering under my breath like a mantra as I try to finish the latest chapter:

Write from inside the main character’s head. Not from outside her body.

It’s good advice, but so easy to forget!

P.S.: I’m arranging a little party for the launch of my next book, THE SILENCE, the conclusion to my trilogy of Young Adult novels (see cover above). The party will be at Books of Wonder, Manhattan’s finest children’s bookstore, on the evening of July 6th. If you happen to be in NYC then, stop by!

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Contributing editor at Scientific American and author of science thrillers: Final Theory (2008), The Omega Theory (2011), Extinction (2013), The Furies (2014), The Six (2015), The Orion Plan (2016), The Siege (2016), and The Silence (2017). His latest thriller, The Coming Storm (St. Martin's Press, 2019), is a cautionary tale about climate change, genetic engineering, and Donald Trump. His website:

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